AM2.1 x D13(4×5)BY2


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Release Date 22nd January 2022


This hybrid was developed in the lab from genetics originating from wild cordyceps sample BL8 found in North West England in Autumn 2020 and wild cordyceps sample PB1 found in North East England in Autumn 2021.


All Kaizen Cordyceps strains are 1st generation liquid mother cultures unless otherwise stated. All liquid culture syringe are tested on agar prior to being shipped.


  • Liquid cultures are shipped in 10ml syringes (without needles)


Liquid Culture Expansion Recipe Suggestion (per litre):


  • 10g Dextrose
  • 5g Light malt extract


Stir or shake the LC continuously or at least for a minute or two every 12 hours. Incubate the LC in the dark at between 18-22 Celsius. It will be ready to use in 4-7 days.


Nutrient Broth Recipe Suggestion (per litre):


  • 10g Dextrose
  • 10g Light Malt Extract
  • 5g Nutritional yeast flakes
  • 4g Soy protein isolate powder
  • 2g Spirulina powder
  • 2g Kelp powder
  • 1g Gypsum


Nutrient broth to dry grain ratio:


  • 1.5:1
  • 50ml broth / 35g rice per 24oz deli pot


Autoclave at 15psi/121 Celsius for 40 minutes.


Inoculate each 24oz deli pot with 10ml of liquid culture.


Incubation temperature:


  • 18-22 Celsius
  • Incubate in the dark.
  • The substrates should be sufficiently colonised to start fruiting in 4-5 days.


Fruiting Temperature range:


  • 18-20 Celsius


Fruiting Room Lighting:


  • 6500k white LED strip lights at between 500-1000 lumens on a 12/12 schedule


Ensure the fruiting room/chamber receives fresh air exchange at least once or twice a day


Harvest between 55-70 days from inoculation.


Good luck, better skills & enjoy growing the strain!

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2 reviews for AM2.1 x D13(4×5)BY2

  1. Marius Melusel (verified owner)

    Excellent service and support from Lawrence!

    The strain was shipped to Dubai and managed to survive the hot transit and fruited perfectly even after a few months in storage!

  2. Matko (verified owner)

    Very good stuff…
    I made my first grow and made 1kg300 using the third of a master serynge.
    Reçu en France rapidement et sans encombres.
    Impatient d essayer les autres souches!

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