IDR 3.2


  • Release Date 19th December 2020.

A clone of a wild specimen originating from France.


Cultures available in liquid culture syringes and in petri dishes. Please note that LC syringes are posted without a needle.


Liquid Culture Recipe Suggestion (per litre):


  • 5g Dextrose
  • 5g Light malt extract
  • 0.5g Gypsum


Nutrient Broth Recipe Suggestion (per litre):


  • 10g Dextrose
  • 10g Light Malt Extract
  • 5g Nutritional yeast flakes
  • 4g Soy protein isolate powder
  • 2g Spirulina powder
  • 2g Kelp powder
  • 1g Gypsum


Nutrient broth to dry grain ratio:


  • 1.5:1
  • 50ml broth:35g rice per 24oz deli pot


Autoclave at 15psi/121 Celsius for 30 minutes.


Each 24oz deli pot was inoculated with 8ml liquid culture.


Incubation temperature range:


  • 20-22 Celsius


Fruiting Temperature range:


  • 16-20 Celsius


Harvest between 50-70 days from inoculation.


Good luck, better skills & happy growing!

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