KC004 was developed from pairing spores taken from it’s parent strain C2B, which has genetics originating from a number of wild cordyceps specimens found in the UK.


KC004 is now available as liquid and agar cultures.


  • Agar cultures will be shipped as small agar squares suspended in an aqueous solution inside a 5ml plastic vial. Upon receipt, transfer the agar square into a petri dish and expand accordingly.


  • Liquid cultures are tested on agar prior to being shipped and sent in 10ml syringes (without needles)


Liquid Culture Expansion Recipe Suggestion (per litre):


  • 10g Dextrose
  • 5g Light malt extract


Stir or shake the LC continuously or at least for a minute or two every 12 hours. Incubate the LC in the dark at between 18-22 Celsius. It will be ready to use in 4-7 days.


Nutrient Broth Recipe Suggestion (per litre):


  • 10g Dextrose
  • 10g Light Malt Extract
  • 5g Nutritional yeast flakes
  • 4g Soy protein isolate powder
  • 2g Spirulina powder
  • 2g Kelp powder
  • 1g Gypsum


Nutrient broth to dry grain ratio:


  • 1.5:1
  • 50ml broth / 35g rice per 24oz deli pot


Autoclave at 15psi/121 Celsius for 40 minutes.


Inoculate each 24oz deli pot with 10ml of liquid culture.


Incubation temperature:


  • 18-22 Celsius
  • Incubate in the dark.
  • The substrates should be sufficiently colonised to start fruiting in 4-5 days.


Fruiting Temperature range:


  • 18-20 Celsius


Fruiting Room Lighting:


  • 6500k white LED strip lights at between 500-1000 lumens on a 12/12 schedule


Ensure the fruiting room/chamber receives fresh air exchange at least once or twice a day


Harvest between 55-70 days from inoculation.


Good luck, better skills & enjoy growing the strain!

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